CPI's Leadership Training Manual
A proven method of training potential Church planters in Evangelism, Preaching and Church Leadership.

Regarded by thousands of pastors as a Bible College in a Briefcase.

Twenty two thousand churches in Asia, Africa, The Pacific, Eastern Europe and Israel have already enrolled to use this program.

Thousands of new churches have been planted by the graduates.
And its now available online to download for free.

An enthusiastic group of young people in Indonesia are discipled in their local church using the CPI program. Hundreds of dedicated graduates have planted thousands of new churches throughout their Muslim majority nation.

Every Church Should Be A Training Centre!

Many pastors in emerging nations have not been able to receive any training in preparation for their ministry. CPI is ideal for them. It is Biblical, Spiritual and Practical.

There are also potential leaders in almost every church who have never been recognised or trained. Many pastors would love to train them (Eph 4:11-13), but lack a suitable curriculum. The CPI program is ideal for this purpose. It provides pastors with both training and teaching materials with which he can teach and train his own leaders.

The whole course is now available to download and reproduce. Even if only the pastor is competent in English, he can study the material in English and then teach it in the local dialect of his people. The effective and productive use of this program has been experienced and evidenced in so many nations. It is an ideal use for a local church to enable its pastor to train potential leaders for the ministry of evangelism and church planting.

Determine now pastor to commence a training class in your church.
Why not download this material and begin immediately?

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